What’s in an image? What personal brand photography is and why it matters for your business

What is personal brand photography? You’ve probably heard the term from fellow business owners, photographers or marketing agencies, but how do you know if it’s worth investing in for your business? How do you know if it’s really what you need? To answer that, we first need to understand what a personal brand is, and isn’t! 

At its simplest, your personal brand is everything that makes you YOU. It’s your unique skillset, experience, perspective and personality.  You may focus on the products and services you sell in your sales and marketing activities, but a big part of what you’re really selling (and what your customers are buying into) is actually you as a person. Your personal brand isn’t something separate from you – it is you!


What is personal brand photography and why do I need it?

Personal brand photography is how you tell the story of your personal brand and bring it to life, through the power of imagery. Good personal brand photography will show the face (and processes) behind your business, let your personality shine through and ultimately help you to stand out against your competition. In combination with a strong message and an attractive visual brand identity (i.e. logo, colours fonts etc), it allows your audience to build trust and connect with you on a deeper level. Human beings are highly visual creatures, after all!

How do I create personal brand photography for my business?

Now comes the fun part! Wherever you are in your business journey – starting out, growing a team, launching something new or considering a rebrand – having strong personal brand imagery will play a key part in telling your story and showing your audience what you stand for. In my work with my personal brand clients, I always start with an open, honest conversation about who they are as a person. Taking time to connect with my clients, and understand their business, is key to help me capture images that show off the connection they have with their clients. If you’re considering a brand photography shoot, there are three key areas you need to consider beforehand:

  • The story – what can you share that makes you and your business unique or different?
  • Logistics – what outfits or props do you need? Which locations will you use – inside or outside?
  • The images – where will you use the images afterwards e.g. website, printed material, social media etc?


But what if I’m camera shy?!

Don’t worry – you’re not alone! Lots of my clients come to me feeling anxious about being on camera and having their photo taken. It’s not something a lot of us are keen on. This is where finding a photographer you feel really comfortable with is important. A good photographer will put you at ease and you’ll feel in safe hands.

How do I find the right personal brand photographer?

By all means check out their portfolio and pick someone whose photography style you like, but above all else: make sure you feel relaxed in their company. The best photographs of you will happen when you’re feeling relaxed and happy, so just remember this is an experience you are allowed to enjoy! I highly recommend booking a call or having a meeting with a few different photographers before you choose the right one for you. 

Could I be the photographer for you?!

I know how important good Personal Branding photography is to help you show off your business, so if you’d like to work with me, I’ll make it my mission to ensure you get exactly what you need from our time together. Check out my personal branding photography services or get in touch and let’s chat about what kind of images you need to attract your ideal clients.