Photography tips - middle aged women - how to look better in photos

September 18, 2017  •  1 Comment

How to look better in photographs and take better images.

Having reached a significant birthday this year I have many Winchester friends and clients of a similar age who really don't like their photo taken.

Today I am starting a series of 10 top tips: How to make us middle aged women look better in photos - it would be such a shame if in years to come we have very few photos of us for our families to look at.

TIP ONE: Positioning is key.

I have very few photographs of myself for obvious reasons - I'm the one always behind the camera but occasionally my lovely children have caught me slouching with my chin down looking at my phone - ummm not a good look ! This brings me to the subject of positioning. Shooting from above is always more flattering. If you are a 6ft tall photographer then that will help but if not try and stand on something ( I carry a small step ladder with me on shoots). 

The subject will automatically look up and that double chin will disappear. Have a look below at my first model and example of good positioning.

Lisa Boyd of Citrus Coaching asked me to shoot head shots for her newly vamped website, raising the head up lifts up the chin and stretches out the neck and hides any skin folds. Shooting from below isn't good for those of us with challenged elasticity   -   gravity has a lot to answer for.   



Here, I am standing about a foot higher than Lisa, she is subtly looking up but it has helped stretch out any creases she may have. Lisa actually has great skin tone so I'm cheating a bit here but hope my point has been made.

Look out for my next tip - coming soon.   



Joie Gahum(non-registered)
Try using external roadeavour lens for your phones. Great post!
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