Photography Tip 2 - Middle aged women - How to look better in photos.

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Tip 2 - Middle aged women - how to look better in photos


Last week I talked about positioning and how photographing for above helps improve the skin tone of us middle aged women - no saggy chins or jowly creasing.

This week it's all about exposure.

Please see the examples below. As you can see the one on the left is slightly more exposed than the one on the right. The image on the right with slightly less exposure shows the model's forehead and frown lines a little more than the one on the left. Opening the aperture a touch more not only lets more light in but also softens the subject a fraction more. This can be altered post shoot these days in Lightroom, Photoshop or Camera Raw.




In this case both images were taken with exactly the same camera settings but the image on the left I used my speedlite flash which I bounced off the ceiling to expose the subject that fraction more. If you're wondering what the glass objects to the right of the picture are they are the pendant bauble lights - included in the image for a variation in depth of field - oh and because I like them.

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