Winchester to Devon with a fellow photographer

August 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Winchester Wedding Photographer Goes West to Second Shoot.

Second shooting is the term given to the second photographer at the wedding, nearly always chosen by the primary photographer.

The primary photographer does all the pre wedding work and yep basically all the post wedding work too.

I love both, primary and secondary shooting. It's just another example of the varied life a photographer can lead. Both are wonderful for different reasons. With secondary shooting I love being able to catch those candid shots, try some more artistic moves, not have the pressure but still work super hard. The disadvantage for me is that you haven't got to know the bride and groom beforehand so there isn't quite the same rapport as there would be had you met them for a coffee to discuss their plans or maybe done a couple shoot with them, as well as the email conversations you will have had with them during the months prior to the wedding.  

With this set aside when I was asked to second shoot in Devon I was very happy to go along in spite of it being a 7am start.

The primary shooter had been up into the early hours editing so I chose to drive, two hours and we were in the sticks somewhere in Devon, helped by a strong coffee bought on the A303.

It's nice working with someone else, a photographer's job can be a lonely one at times so second shooting is a great chance to chat and exchange idea's.

The wedding was in a beautiful country church and the weather held out until we got back to the marquee when the heavens opened and barely stopped all day. I felt sorry for the lovely couple, as the games laid out in the field for guests to play weren't used as they were intended and the marquee became very hot and steamy. But my trip from Winchester, Hampshire to the far west had been fun and productive and I would certainly do it again whatever the weather.   


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