Winchester, Hampshire Schools Photography - The Westgate Leavers Prom 2017

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Winchester, Hampshire Schools Photography

 One of the most fun nights I have had working over the last couple of months has been The Westgate Leavers Ball at the Botleigh Grange Hotel and Spa in Hedge End Hampshire. In spite of the atrocious weather, rain and strong winds the students still managed to arrive in style. A special mention needs to go to Charlie Damant for standing over me with an umbrella as I dashed to and fro (trying to get in front of the Echo photographer I might add) in an attempt to get a half decent shot of the students in their finery, without getting my kit completely saturated. It must have looked hilarious as we performed a dancing routine of sort from Singin' in the Rain. Thank you Mr. Damant - you star.

I particularly enjoy The Westgate Ball partly because my son goes to the Westgate School in Winchester and I get to see the teachers in a different light as they really get a chance to let their hair down. They are always really game and come up to the studio for posed photographs with and without their ex-students.

What a great bunch of teachers The Westgate has.

I mustn't forget the students themselves, they indeed deserve a special mention. I was so impressed how incredibly polite and considerate they were. Thankfully there was no reluctance on their part when asked to stand up straight, strike a pose or simply smile.

The hour it takes to set up my photography studio and then to take it down and pack away is always worth it. My camera and kit always earns it's money on this night.   

Here's to next year.




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