Hampshire Photographer Mum

August 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Still on holiday with my family, having time to reflect on the last few months of working mayhem.

Being a photographer is the best job in the world for me, it enables me to fit round my large family and array of animals. Of course everything comes at a price and for me it is working late into the early hours after the meal has been cooked, cleared, homework done (or in our case not done), teenagers dropped off / picked up, only then I can sit down and focus in front of my computer. Love Island - what's that? Every day is different, I relish change, variety (although cliched) is the spice of life. 

Running a business is a challenge in whatever form, even more so when business is not your background. It becomes a huge learning curve. My advice over the last three years would be never to give up and always ask those who with knowledge, advice I gladly give my four children, similar advice passed to me by my hardworking parents. It helps if your work is your passion, giving up now would not be an option- being my own business I have to constantly nurture it, I'm lucky, I love it.



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