Winchester Corporate Photographer - a busy couple of weeks.

February 10, 2017  •  2 Comments

Really enjoyable couple of weeks. Firstly shooting in clinic for a Southampton consultant for his new website imagery, followed up by shooting him in the operating theatre.  Some interesting shots in theatre, watch this space. Continuing along a medical theme - this week I found myself shooting a speech therapist in action at a local school in Winchester. The children involved in the speech therapy session were mainly from year one, such lovely characters, they became neither distracted nor over excited at being photographed. A credit to their parents, the school and the skill of Talking Outcomes speech therapist Jan Baerselman.   


Max Jones(non-registered)
I think the idea of corporate photography is really cool. It would be awesome to be able to travel how you talked about and see all sorts of different industries and people! I love being able to meet and help people and travel, so corporate photography would be a super fun job in my mind!
You are very professional wedding photographer! I am satisfied from your work!
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