Photography Tip 5 Middle Aged Women and how to look better in photos

October 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Tip 5 - Middle Aged Women and How to Look Better in Photos

As we get older I hear more women saying when photogrpahed things like 'Photograph my left side, it's my best side!'

That doesn't logically make sense to me, especially if you are symetrical and therefore deemed beautiful. But according to a new study looking at selfies, amongst the pouts and eyebrow lifts, the left side of our face is more likely to appeal than the right because of how our brains process emotions.

The phenomenon is what researchers in a recent study in Australia have called "the left-side bias". Someone called Annuka Lindell a senior lecturer in experimental neuropsychology at La Trobe University in Melbourne, looked through Instagram using #selfie, out of 2,000 selfies she found 779 were left sided dominent and 686 were right sided dominent and 535 showed the front of their face.

So, the advice here is that everyone, not just middle aged females should turn their heads slightly so they show more of their left than their right cheek, when being photographed.


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