Photography Tip 4 - Middle Aged Women and how to look better in photos.

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                                               Photography Tip 4 - Middle Age Women How to look better in photos

I am far from being a makeup expert. For me the least time looking in the mirror the better but when editing I do get to see a lot of faces up close and therefore the make up applied. Too much foundation is a big no no. Conceal marks and spots lightly as a face masked in foundation will look pasty in photos. Try making your makeup as natural as possible, use concealer only to hide imperfections for example a spot or redness around the nose. Too much concealer could be amplified by the glare of a flash. It might be worth mentioning to a bride before the wedding (only if she asks) about the effect of too much foundation on her close up photographs. 

It's definitely worth adding a bit of colour to your skin for a photograph as without any colour at all you can look washed out in a photo but too much blusher on slightly older skin can look overdone - stay natural - it will always look better in the shot.

Enhance the eyes with a little make up, but again not too much. 

Photographers can enhance or play down makeup on their subject and smooth the skin or remove blemishes and wrinkles but this is very time consuming. It's something I don't like to do too much of - embrace our real selves and all that jazz.

Here are wonderful examples of make up expertly applied and therefore skin which photographed wonderfully.

Again the lighting plays a big part in these photos - natural lighting, slightly overexposed and with a wider aperture to give a less sharp image - instantly softening out any blemishes (not that this bride had any).  



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