Sam Gavins Photography loves Winchester's Artists - March 27th 2015

March 28, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

After spending the morning in bed with a splitting headache which thankfully didn't turn into a monster

migraine I popped down to a friends house who was hosting some amazingly talented Winchester artists and craftspeople.

Her beautiful house was ideal  for such an occasion and the light was perfect for a few shots. What I love about Winchester

(one of the many things I love about Winchester) is that everybody knows everybody and those everybody are sooo nice.

(Or maybe I was just euphoric, post migraine!).  

It's such a small world as I bumped into Eleanor Dodd - PR and Marketing Consultant at the Chesil Rectory. We had a quick chat

about my planned Chesil Rectory photo shoot but also discovered we both went to school in the same town in Hertfordshire. This is a

far cry from nursing a septic patient in renal failure in a busy Intensive Care Unit. How lucky I am to have the opportunity to do

something else I love. Let's move on  before I become too sentimental. What a beautiful exhibition. Great work Sarah Green, Eileen

White, Ali Jarvis, Amelia Mcgregor, Liza Walker. I look forward to featuring you in my Made in Winchester project.


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