Photography Tip 5 Middle Aged Women and how to look better in photos

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Tip 5 - Middle Aged Women and How to Look Better in Photos

As we get older I here more women saying when photogrpahed things like 'Photograph my left side, it's my best side!'

That doesn't logically make sense to me especially if you are symetrical and therefore deemed beautiful. But according to a new study looking at selfies, amongs the pouts and eyebrow lifts, the left side of our face is more likely to appear than the right because of how our brains process emotions.

The phenomenon is what researchers in a recent study in Australia have called "the left-side bias". Someone called Annuka Lindell a senior lecturer in experimental neuropsychology at La Trobe University in Melbourne, looked through Instagram using #selfie, out of 2,000 selfies she found 779 were left sided dominent and 686 were right sided dominent and 535 showed the front of their face.

So, the advice here is that everyone, not just middle aged females should turn their heads slightly so they show more of their left than their right cheek, when being photographed.

Winchester weddings at The Hotel du Vin, Winchester

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The Hotel Du Vin, Winchester invites you to it's Wedding Showcase.

5.30PM-8.00PM THURSDAY 26th OCTOBER 2017

A perk of the job included a tasty coffee in the beautiful tranquil bar room in Hotel du Vin this morning, chatting wedding photography with the lovely Nicola Hibbert, the regional sales and events manager. Recently back from maternity leave Nicola with the help of Hayley Manson, events and meetings coordinator, has organised a wedding showcase to be held Thursday 26th October. 

Sam Gavins Photography and five other wedding suppliers will be in the elegant Ruinart, a stunning space looking out onto the courtyard through french windows. The Hotel will be serving it's guests fizz and canapes. Sam Gavins Photography was there in the spring and the atmsophere was perfect to get you into a wedding planning mood. Come along and meet us.  The Ruinart room has an abundance of natural light which is perfect for flattering flashless shots. From when I first met Hayley last year and spent much of our meeting chatting about South Africa (having lived there for a year a long time ago), to this morning 18 months later and my first meeting with Nicola, the staff have been incredibly friendly and helpful. Being a small hotel lends itself to a more intimate, cosy atmosphere . The events I have photographed here have always been well run, professional and also friendly. Their bespoke approach to events means not one event is exactly the same, the clients interests and needs are paramount and this is refected in their planning approach.


Photography Tip 4 - Middle Aged Women and how to look better in photos.

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                                               Photography Tip 4 - Middle Age Women How to look better in photos

I am far from being a makeup expert. For me the least time looking in the mirror the better but when editing I do get to see a lot of faces up close and therefore the make up applied. Too much foundation is a big no no. Conceal marks and spots lightly as a face masked in foundation will look pasty in photos. Try making your makeup as natural as possible, use concealer only to hide imperfections for example a spot or redness around the nose. Too much concealer could be amplified by the glare of a flash. It might be worth mentioning to a bride before the wedding (only if she asks) about the effect of too much foundation on her close up photographs. 

It's definitely worth adding a bit of colour to your skin for a photograph as without any colour at all you can look washed out in a photo but too much blusher on slightly older skin can look overdone - stay natural - it will always look better in the shot.

Enhance the eyes with a little make up, but again not too much. 

Photographers can enhance or play down makeup on their subject and smooth the skin or remove blemishes and wrinkles but this is very time consuming. It's something I don't like to do too much of - embrace our real selves and all that jazz.

Here are wonderful examples of make up expertly applied and therefore skin which photographed wonderfully.

Again the lighting plays a big part in these photos - natural lighting, slightly overexposed and with a wider aperture to give a less sharp image - instantly softening out any blemishes (not that this bride had any).  


Photography Tip 3 Middle Aged Women, how to look better in photos

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Tip 3 Middle aged women and how to look good in photos.

The camera never lies - well,you'll be pleased to know it does. How many times have you started that crash diet after seeing yourself in a holiday snap looking at least a dress size bigger than you thought you looked?

It is very important as a photogapher or as someone being photographed if you don't want to look larger that you really are to remember a few golden rules.

1) It's all about the lens - professional photographers will know that any focal length less than 50mm (on a full frame camera) is considered a wide angle lens. A wide angle lens distorts the subject (and things around it) and  enhances perspective. Taking a selfie can not only make the person look bigger but can also make our noses look bigger and our faces more elongated and out of proportion, the length of our arm is just not far enough away. A selfie stick can improve things slightly.

2) It's also all about positioning - professional photographers will also know that when shooting a group, if too close, will make those standing at the end look bigger. Don't position yourself at the end of a semi circular group, get nearer the middle and you will look that size 10 you really are. 

3) Clothing - avoid horizontal lines and opt for vertical stripes instead. Steer away from clothes that have elaborate detail , particularly around the belly and upper arms. Everyone knows about colour - dark colours show less curves and make us look slimmer. Creating less shadow, enhancing curves is something a photographer can be aware of.

4) Posture - if standing in a group, a more flattering stance is to turn slightly sideways with the the knee slightly bent and toe pointing towards the camera. Something our teenage girls are excellent at. Position your arms away from your body, a hand on hip or if you feel that is too posey, maybe just hold your arms at your side slightly, away from your body. Stand up straight pull your shoulders back and subtly pull your stomach in. All this will help smooth out those curvey bits that we all have. Remember that area under our chin, discussed previuosly and keep the head up slightly.

In this image the lady second in from the left has the right idea, she is standing slightly to the side with her right leg slightly bent.The other ladies are all standing to the side slightly or have bags covering their stomachs or hips. The lady to the far left has her chin up and head slightly tilted to her right. On the whole an ok photo, I just wish I had reminded the lady second from the right to smile.     


Photography Tip 2 - Middle aged women - How to look better in photos.

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Tip 2 - Middle aged women - how to look better in photos


Last week I talked about positioning and how photographing for above helps improve the skin tone of us middle aged women - no saggy chins or jowly creasing.

This week it's all about exposure.

Please see the examples below. As you can see the one on the left is slightly more exposed than the one on the right. The image on the right with slightly less exposure shows the model's forehead and frown lines a little more than the one on the left. Opening the aperture a touch more not only lets more light in but also softens the subject a fraction more. This can be altered post shoot these days in Lightroom, Photoshop or Camera Raw.




In this case both images were taken with exactly the same camera settings but the image on the left I used my speedlite flash which I bounced off the ceiling to expose the subject that fraction more. If you're wondering what the glass objects to the right of the picture are they are the pendant bauble lights - included in the image for a variation in depth of field - oh and because I like them.

Thank you for checking out this weeks blog.