Hampshire Photographer Mum

August 04, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Still on holiday with my family, having time to reflect on the last few months of working mayhem.

Being a photographer is the best job in the world for me, it enables me to fit round my large family and array of animals. Of course everything comes at a price and for me it is working late into the early hours after the meal has been cooked, cleared, homework done (or in our case not done), teenagers dropped off / picked up, only then I can sit down and focus in front of my computer. Love Island - what's that? Every day is different, I relish change, variety (although cliched) is the spice of life. 

Running a business is a challenge in whatever form, even more so when business is not your background. It becomes a huge learning curve. My advice over the last three years would be never to give up and always ask those who with knowledge, advice I gladly give my four children, similar advice passed to me by my hardworking parents. It helps if your work is your passion, giving up now would not be an option- being my own business I have to constantly nurture it, I'm lucky, I love it.


Winchester wedding celebrations head for the trees, Treerunners, Hampshire.

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It's been a busy couple of months, no time to blog, not much time to sleep either. Now on holiday in Croatia with my family I have time to reflect. One of my favourite jobs that springs to mind is the beautiful wedding party of Karen and David from Winchester, celebrating their marriage with friends and family from all over the world. Treerunners is in Hampshire near Andover set amongst stunning woodland. I arrived as the sun was setting, the hog roast was cooking and guests were already in full party mode. The party area was beautifully decorated in true Karen style - colour all around. As the night progressed and darkness set in the tee-pees changed colour to match the baubles suspended from the ground. Comfy sofas surrounded large pit fires where late in the evening guests sat around chatting, catching up with old friends. At the same time a band kicked off the nights dancing . Some hardy party goers danced until dawn and fell into their tents pitched about 100 metres away. I was long gone by then, already up after a nights sleep to edit my nights work. 

Meeting up with my wedding clients.

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Really great meeting up with these lovely two people to give them their pics and discuss albums.

Even better when they make a delicious meal for you. I love my job. Danielle and Rob,I so enjoyed chatting to you both, thank you. 


March 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Walking everyday in the woods near our house is a real privilege. There are very few days when I can't get out and walk Lola our dog - it's good for her and for me. Choice; is the beauty of being freelance, I may be up until the small hours editing, working on marketing or emailing clients but I won't care about that when the bluebells start to push up through the mulch and spread their beautiful lilac hue around the woods. Can't wait to capture that wedding couple amongst those stunning bluebells. 

Winchester wedding reccy.

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Lucky to have such a beautiful sunny morning to reccy the venue for a Winchester wedding next weekend. The Great Hall in Winchester is a magnificent aisled hall of the 13th century. It houses one of the greatest symbols of medieval mythology, King Arthur's Round Table.

Lucky to have the whole hall to myself. 

Winchester wedding. The Great Hall.